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Personal Background Checks:

We have performed thousands of background checks for our clients. To demonstrate the merits of this service, the following is an example of one case study: 
A pre-marital background check revealed that not only was our client’s fiancé married, he also had another name. Certainly, it would have been better to know this information prior to blindly leaping into a marriage which was doomed from the start.

A Background Check gives you the confidence necessary to make important decisions about people such as: nannies, coaches, plumbers, tutors or just about anyone
in your life.

Corporate Background Checks:

A thorough background check can identify and often reveal an individual’s sorted past and prevent you from making costly business decisions. In this age of information, it is imperative that your company establish a certain degree of confidence in its employees. An interview only reveals a portion of the story about the applicant.  We verify the facts and uncover any pertinent bits of information that may have been purposely omitted from or misstated in the applicant’s information.

As an example of how critical a background check is to a company, the following is an actual event that occurred prior to our client utilizing our services:
This particular company had recently hired a plumber and did not perform a criminal background check; it nearly cost them their business. They sent the newly hired plumber and a senior plumber to a residence and, at noon, the senior plumber departed the residence to get lunch. When he returned, the police were present. The second plumber had sexually assaulted the owner of the residence. Had a background check been performed, it would have shown that this individual had recently been released from prison for the same crime!

The following is a brief list of services that we can do for you when doing
both personal and corporate background checks:
Driving Records Vehicle Registration Assets
Criminal Records Social Security No. Education Records
Court Records Worker's Compensation Bankruptcy
Character References Neighbor Interviews Telephone Searches
Property Ownership Military Records State Licensing Records
Utility Searches Past Employers Personal References
Sex Offender Lists Credit Records  

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