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Our polygraph examination specialists strive to ensure that the overall outcome of every polygraph exam produces the highest level of reliability in the industry. This is accomplished during the preparation phase of the exam by virtue of the thorough evaluation of criteria designed for computerized chart analysis. It is necessary that the test format includes ideally formulated questions suitable to the issues. Also, there must be sufficient case information, intensity, and a distinction to the issue whereby the subject and sufficient response capabilities without the presence of attempted countermeasures.

Statistics show that nearly all individuals who needed someone to help establish credibility to their issues, who have either been implicated in a criminal or civil matter, or just a basic inquiry into their conduct, have submitted to a polygraph examination.
When someone requests a polygraph examination, they are advised that it must be foremost in their mind that they can pass such a test. The issues to be resolved may be complicated and of a strong accusatory or confirmatory nature. It is therefore important that the examiner be provided with information before the examination that will target the issue(s), preferably from someone other than the person taking the test.

When polygraph results indicate deception (which means that the subject was being less than truthful), unnecessary stress, both mental and physical, can overcome the person who submitted the examination. If this is a matter in litigation, their attorney may have to opt for other legal avenues of defense. Negative results can also be stressful and disappointing to those who are close to the subject, and who have always known them to be a truthful and honest person.

To reach the highest levels of accuracy in any polygraph examination, certain provisions are required. The subject must be healthy, have a normal level of intelligence, and be willing to submit to the test with a sincere concern of attaining creditable results. When all of these important factors are met, the accuracy rate can reach between 95% to 98%... Which by today's standards is extremely high!

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