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Jim has a passion for locating people. He has spent a lifetime searching for his own siblings, who were separated when they were children, and given up for adoption over 39 years ago. Some had moved to other states, and some had changed their names, but Jim was able to locate his four brothers and sisters and his biological parents so they could all be reunited.

When you truly want the exact whereabouts of someone, then hire us to locate the individual that our competition misses. Contact A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. with over 28 years of experience locating the most difficult searches. When necessary, we verify their location by speaking with that person and confirming their location without their knowledge.

A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. has a 90% success rate when searching for missing persons. Supply us with the information on our locate missing person sheet and we will do the rest. Everything is confidential.

We have been quoted in Boston Magazine, Boston Herald and the Providence Journal.

ATech's Jim Pero helps find missing woman, Joan Brown in Ossipee, New Hampshire:

We can help you locate:
Missing children
Deadbeat spouse
Biological parent, adoptee
Missing Heirs
Skip tracing
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