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Our Maine private investigation firm offers a variety of services to suit our client’s needs.

We have professional and experienced Investigators whom specialize in matrimonial affairs and surveillance.

We are an established investigation agency with a proven 28-year history of performing surveillance and utilizing other sophisticated techniques to monitor the conduct of would-be philanderers.

You provide us with detailed information on your significant other and inform us of the time and then the date (most likely times are Fridays or Mondays). Surveillance will be initiated from a location and time of your choice. When necessary, we will obtain video evidence. We will not reveal who we work for under any circumstance. You will then receive a verbal update as to where they went, who they met and what they did while together. We will identify who the other person is and obtain information about them. Finally, a report and video will be sent directly to you at a secure address after completion of the entire case. Our reports alone are unbiased & will suffice in court and we will testify if necessary.

We have investigators in your area:

Feel free to contact us at any time. The following link is to email Jim directly as well as the phone number where he can be reached anytime.

Jim Pero's email:

Office Phone: 207-761-7922
Toll Free: 888-345-0250

Warning signals of your significant other cheating:
Lack of intimacy
Unexplained hotel charges
Tells you it's your imagination
Cell phone records hidden
Change in music or wardrobe
Accusing you of having an affair
Mood swings
New diet
Working later
Secretly on the internet
Argumentative before leaving the house
Not answering the cell phone

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