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Fraud has cost the insurance industry billions of dollars over the past 10 years and that number is rising at an alarming rate. In the last six years, cases presented for prosecution soared from1500 to 4000 nationwide* - with countless more undetected as perpetrators and the resources available to them have become increasingly sophisticated.

A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. enables insurance carriers and self-insured employers to fight back. We have resolved thousands of worker's compensation and bodily injury cases. We are among the largest investigation services in New England and Florida. Every client, whether a corporate giant or small business, receives our undivided attention and every case the respect and importance it deserves.

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We speak your language :
When it comes to insurance claims, we know exactly what to look for, how to document evidence so it stands up in court and how to testify persuasively.
Workers comp & bodily injury:
Among our services we will -
Give medical reports a thorough
Determine where claimants are receiving checks
Conduct surveillance to determine
if claimants truly are injured or are injuring you
Investigate previous worker's compensation claims
Conduct background checks on claimant's financial status, criminal history and driving record
Auto theft & fraud:
We research questionable claims using a variety of methods including -
Interviews with the claimant, neighbors, co-workers and police and fire departments
Inspections at the scene of the crime, salvage yards and auto repair shops
Review of prior claims to determine if there is a history of fraud
Oil Analysis
Ignition Analysis
Digital or photographs
Arson investigations:
Cause and origin
Reports from other authorities
Detailed statements from witnesses
Laboratory services available
Digital or photographs

  Maritime investigations:
Accident Scene Investigations
Boat Theft
Boat Recovery
Personal Injury
Certified Divers
Product failure / service liability claims :
Comprehensive prevention programs
Electronic monitoring systems designed
Laboratory services available
Scene analysis
Comprehensive investigation as to cause and legitimacy
Witness & claimant statement
Pertinent reports

Your time is money:
Determining fraud can be an exercise in futility without an arsenal of investigative tools. Internet searches are simply not enough. You need to know what to look for and where, in the community as well as online - and that's just half the battle. Without documentation that satisfies legal standards you cannot disprove claims you know are fraudulent.

Consider A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. your ally. We have everything you need to win: the technology, the training and a reliable information network. Just as importantly, we pay the same careful attention to questionable claims as you would - if you had the time and the resources.

Experienced investigators will work in close partnership with you, starting with an intake consultation conducted at the location you choose or over the phone. Together we will establish objectives and a timeline. A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. then will develop a strategy to achieve them in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Once the investigation is underway, you will receive verbal updates as often as you wish, followed by complete documentation delivered personally and confidentially.

Whether we work at night, on the weekend, or on a rush assignment, there are never overtime or expense charges. You pay only for the time your case requires.

What it takes to succeed:

Just as those who perpetrate fraud are smarter than ever, combating these cases has grown more complex. A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. maintains and continuously updates state-of-the-art technology that gives our clients the edge. If a claimant has something to hide, rest assured we will find it and capture it on tape. In addition, the relationships we have developed over more than a decade in business provide a network we can count on for timely, reliable information - and so can you.

It is our staff that makes the difference. A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. meticulously screens and hires only the most skilled investigators. Each receives intensive additional training to ferret out and document evidence others might miss, as well as to testify on your behalf.

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