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At ATech Investigation Services we do everything from escorting terminated employees to protecting individuals at special functions.

ATech Investigation Services doesn’t just offer protection for VIPs or celebrities. We are here for your company. It doesn’t matter whether you are terminating an aggressive employee, making a court appearance or holding a special event. Allow our experienced professionals to worry about potential threats, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Events like weddings, graduation parties and other celebrations should be for invitees only, and we at ATech have the resources to keep it that way. We will work with you in advance to develop a profile of anyone you don’t want attending your celebration. Our protection specialist will come prepared to detect any potential disruption and preemptively defuse it. Our agents are trained in de-escalation and risk elimination techniques that diminish the likelihood of an outburst or confrontation coming to the attention of your guests.

Employee terminations, as we all know, can be hostile.   Before terminating an employee, contact us.  We have the preventive measures that make the termination safer for everyone involved.  We will counsel staff members who must perform the termination and isolate the terminated individual from others who may be in harm’s way.  We will then perform surveillance on the ex-employee from 24 hours to a week to monitor their activities and determine if they are a still a threat.  For example, we will learn whether they have a firearm and whether they purchase one or remove one from their home after being terminated. A thorough check of their criminal history will uncover any violent background.  Surveillance will be performed to safeguard your facility and your employees. 

In a worst case scenario, if we determine through surveillance that the terminated employee is driving toward your location with likely hostile intent, we will advise local law enforcement and work with you to initiate a lock down until the threat is handled.  This will prevent harm to your current employees, as well as unnecessary law suits. Inquire about a security consultation at 888-345-0250.

Our experience speaks for itself. Since 1983, we have been hosting protection for events, and not a single client has been injured. This was not because of an absence of threats, but because our agents are well trained to handle situations before they get out of control.

Effective and successful personal protection is accomplished by three key elements:

Threat Assessment – With over 28 years experience the best evaluation of the threat will be determined after we have learned in advance from you the client who the individual or individuals may be. We will perform a thorough background check to see their criminal history which is predictive of future behavior. We will assess & provide you with a security consultation.

Advance Work –We will learn the routes of those we are protecting and will learn the safest routes and know the places you will be attending. Prior to a wedding, for example, we will have gone to the church, reception hall and other key locations.

Experience – We have ex-military, federal and state law enforcement and other highly trained executive protection specialists.  Our objective is to be effective, but also to blend in, so no one even observes us (unless you would prefer a high profile presence).  Generally, we do our work—expelling gate crashers, for example—without legitimate attendees noticing that anything unusual is going on.

You don’t need to be a celebrity or corporate CEO to utilize our services. We offer them to anyone whom agrees to a professional and experienced protection detail that will perform within the scope of the law.

We also have a relationship with a trusted executive limo company for secure transportation.

You deserve to know who is protecting you!

Every protection specialist is experienced in…
Advanced Tactical Firearms. Structural Defensive Driving. CPR & First Responder TechniquesClose Quarter Combat Techniques.

Training never stops!

Call today for your protection evaluation: 888-345-0250.

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