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  Surveillance to be conducted on: Husband
  Which signs do you see?
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Working a lot of overtime
Excessive use of the Internet
Additional mileage on the car
Hanging out with new friends
Smells of perfume or alcohol
Hiding the phone/cell bill
Personal purchase of a pager
No longer interested in sex
No longer wearing a wedding band
Saying "I need space"
  Please explain:
(Refer to person being named as "The Subject".)
  Number of years together:
  Number of children:
  Subject's type of employment:
  Does the subject have a: Cell phone
Calling card
  Possible Suspect's information:
(Suspect is the person that the Subject is having an affair with.)
  Tell us your story and what hours you think your spouse could be having an affair:
  If we can provide you with proof that your spouse is having an affair, are you going to: Leave him/her and get a divorce
Go for therapy together
I don't know...I will need help
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